Chilly winter weather can cause your plumbing pipes to freeze, burst, flood and produce other severe and costly water damage.  Taking preventive measures before the wintry weather hits can help prevent the physical and financial devastation cause by frozen pipes.

Those steps can consist of:

  • Sealing air leaks, this you can attempt yourself paying special attention under cabinets where plumbing is housed.
  • Insulation is another step and is especially important on pipes located where the chance of freezing is highest such as outside walls, attics and crawl spaces.
  • Disconnecting your outside hoses and covering up those outside faucets. Don’t forget that sprinkler system, it is also recommended to be turned off.
  • Keeping your cabinet doors open in the kitchen and bathrooms will help circulate the warm air inside around the plumbing.
  • Leaving the water running, allow both hot and cold water run from your faucets in a slow steady stream can prevent stagnant water from icing over. You do not want to turn the water off to the house this is a common misconception.   Water still lies in the pipes and can freeze, this is the most common cause of frozen pipes.
  • Know where your shut off valves are located, so you can prevent as much damage as possible. Once it is shut off the DIY can try and find leak themselves or call your plumber!

When water freezes, it expands.   This creates increase in water pressure from the blockage by ice and can generate extreme pressure causing cracks and breaks throughout the plumbing system.  This type of damage can be detrimental to your normal consumer both in cost and inconvenience.