Sewer line repairs can be quite costly, especially if a smaller issue has turned into a larger problem. Here are a few things Tulsa and Broken Arrow homeowners can look out for to prevent costly repairs down the road:

  • The water level in the toilet fluctuates.
  • The yard, basement, or anywhere in the home is starting to smell.
  • The yard is soggy.
  • Drains take a long time to empty.
  • There is a gurgling noise from the pipes.
  • The water bill is getting higher.
  • Low water pressure.

With sewer repairs, the most challenging aspect is that a large part of the system is underground and difficult to access. However, with innovative technology and advanced techniques, the Mullin team can pinpoint the problem area within the line and handle issues with ease. If the problem is located in the middle of your yard, we will do our best to keep your lawn in top condition.

Whether you’re in need of a sewer line cleaning or a full sewer excavation, you can trust the experienced plumbers at Mullin. We have been providing plumbing services throughout Tulsa and Broken Arrow for over 40 years and know what it takes to be successful.

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