Just like your car, if you don’t maintain it, it will break down faster and issues will occur more frequently. The most important thing a homeowner can do for their sewer system is to have it regularly pumped and cleaned. This should be done between three and five years.

In order to ensure that your sewer system is getting the service it needs, here are some signs to look out for that can indicate an issue:

  • The water level in the toilet fluctuates.
  • The yard, basement, or anywhere in the home is starting to smell.
  • The yard is soggy.
  • Drains take a long time to empty.
  • There is a gurgling noise from the pipes.
  • The water bill is getting higher.
  • Low water pressure.

Whether the tank itself needs to be replaced, there is a leak in the pipes, or if there’s an issue inside the home, you can be confident that Mullin will handle the project efficiently and cleanly. One of the challenges with sewer line repairs is that the problem is hard to find. However, Mullin uses video inspection technology to pinpoint the problem area allowing us to fix it without making a mess of your lawn.

From minor issues to large repairs, Mullin has been providing plumbing services in Northwest Arkansas since 1973. Whatever issue you’re having with the sewer system, get in touch with our team today for a free consultation.