Whether you run a car wash or run a business that services vehicles, you cannot afford to have clogged lines in your wash bay area. Maintenance and plumbing services are the number one things to keep in mind to ensure your business is not interrupted with clogged lines. Wash bays pits present a unique cleaning application due to solids and sometimes oil that gets into them. If a regular cleaning schedule is followed then solids can be removed easily. Mullin Environmental has developed a relationship with a waste plant that will accept wash bay pit waste from us as long as there is no oil present. If oil is present in the waste, the wash bay pit can still be pumped; however, the prices will vary as a result of the disposal costs.

We want to ensure that your wash bay is maintained the right way and that your business never has to be on hold as a result of neglect. Remember that at Mullin Environmental your success is our success. Give us a call today for plumbing services (918)251-7867.