There are a few steps to having a septic system installed, but don’t worry Mullin Environmental has the staff and the experience to get the job done right. The installation takes one to two days with only a few hours gap in drain usage. Mullin Environmental backfills the work site to rough grade with the option of a landscape upgrade. Every system installed by Mullin Environmental is permitted by the Department of Environmental Quality and inspected by a state certified inspector. Be sure to call (918)251-PUMP today to get the details.


After a septic system is installed it should be cleaned out at least every two years. This will promote long life and proper functioning for the septic system. Once the septic system is cleaned out, you will notice a layer of sludge, about 12″, at the bottom. This sludge is left behind as a “starter” layer of bacteria that will break down new wastewater entering the septic system. Check out the Products page to see enzymes that will keep your septic system working properly in between cleanings.


Your septic system is made up of a tight line, a tank, and an absorption field. The absorption field is made up of lateral lines that can collect sludge over time. Mullin Environmental uses a machine called a jetter. The jetter uses a special nozzle and high-pressure water to pull sludge out of the lateral lines. This septic tank service is designed to rejuvenate clogged lateral lines but should not be performed on systems that have reached or passed their life expectancy or systems with collapsed lateral lines. Call our office to find out if jetting is right for your system.

Alternate Systems

Not every home or facility is located on land that has a good percolation rate. Some systems are designed to aid in the evaporation and absorption of treated wastewater such as the ETA and chamber systems. The ETA system uses a similar layout to the traditional septic system but is designed to speed the rate of absorption and evaporation using gravel (or other media), sand, and a permeable cloth separator in place of the native soil. The chamber system uses a slotted pipe which sets in a two-foot trench. The chamber system does not use any media, such as gravel, but leaves a dirt floor for additional absorption area. The chamber system can be used in different applications. In one application the chambers are used for a one-third reduction of the lateral field when space is limited. In another application, chambers are used with no reduction in the lateral field leaving an oversized absorption area. Mullin Environmental can help you decide which system will best suit your application. Call today for septic tank services! (918)251-PUMP