Some homes or facilities are located on land that does not perc. Alternate systems, such as chambers, ETA, aerobic systems, or lagoons, are needed. A lagoon is a type of lagoon wastewater treatment system that uses a holding tank (like a septic tank) to catch and break down solids and the lagoon itself. The holding tank will need to be cleaned out periodically to prevent solid waste from flowing into the lagoon.

The lagoon resembles a pond but has a raised rim called the berm that diverts water away from the lagoon. Nothing should grow on the berms that will cast a shadow over the lagoon because this will decrease the rate of evaporation. Lagoons vary in size depending on the estimated monthly flow of wastewater from the house or facility. The lagoon should be kept at a level that is acceptable to the EPA and the DEQ so pumping will be necessary from time to time. At Mullin Environmental, we are ready and have a knowledgeable pumping crew. Our company boasts some of the biggest hauling trucks around, so no matter if you need 1,000 gallons or 100,000 gallons pumped, Mullin Environmental is the company to call. (918)251-PUMP.

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