French drains are a big part of life in Oklahoma, all of that rain water has to go somewhere right.Mullin Environmental French Drain Service The truth of the matter is that water travels the path of least resistance and we want that path flowing away from us and our homes. Most people think of French drains as black perforated pipe and gravel but this is just one way to create a French drain. Another type of drain is the slit drain.Theslitdrain can be webbed through a yard to divert water into a pipe carrying it away.
The piped systems move water faster than other systems and they are the most predominant in the field. The piped systems can become clogged because water is not the only thing getting in we have leaves and debris as well. When a blockage occurs a hydro-jetter can be used to restore the pipes proper flow. Mullin Environmental provides free French drain estimates so for questions or pricing give us a call at (918)251-PUMP.