An aerobic system may also be referred to as an on-site wastewater treatment system. By either name, the system can sound foreign but it simply uses bacteria, oxygen, and chlorine to speed the natural break down process turning wastewater into a sanitary non-potable effluent. If your property’s soil does not meet requirements for a traditional septic system, an aerobic system may be the right alternative for you. Mullin Environmental installs aerobic systems in one to two days.

The homes drainage will be unusable for a few hours while the existing system is being exchanged with the new system, but this time is kept to a minimum. Mullin Environmental secures the permit required by the DEQ and an inspection that is performed by a state certified inspector. The worksite will be brought back to rough grade but you can call (918)251-PUMP to find out about our landscaping. Our experienced staff is always eager to serve you.


Once an aerobic system is installed, the pre-treat tank should be cleaned at least once every two years. Cleaning this tank is a good way to ensure a long system life and also to check for any potential problems with the system. Older systems that have been neglected may need all three tanks in the system cleaned to remove any solid overflow into the aerobic treatment unit, or the pump tank. Call Mullin Environmental to schedule your aerobic service today.


The Oklahoma DEQ requires a maintenance agreement on all new aerobic systems and wastewater testing on all systems regardless of the installation date. Mullin Inc. offers a maintenance program that not only meets the DEQ’s requirements but relieves the worry of time-sensitive system checks. Mullin Environmental will provide chlorine for the system, clean the filters, and perform a detailed examination of the system. Call our office for an in-depth description of our aerobic services and maintenance plans.

Mullin Environmental Aerobic Services

If your aerobic system is not under maintenance with a certified installer be sure to maintain chlorine in the system. Calcium Hypochlorite is the type of chlorine approved by the EPA and designed to work best in an aerobic system. The chlorine kills 99 percent of bacteria within 10 minutes of contact and dissolves quickly. DO NOT put swimming pool chlorine into your system as it is not designed for this application and can cause harm to your system and to the environment.