Our Platinum Program was Designed With You in Mind

Here at Mullin, we recognize that you’ve always got a lot going on. Whether it’s work, caring for your family, or just a personal project, there are things you’d rather focus on instead of maintaining your AC unit. 

That’s why we designed our Platinum Program. Rather than leaving yourself cryptic notes to schedule service calls and to replace filters, we handle all of that for you. That means you’ve got more time and energy to focus on the things that matter most to you.

Simple and Effective

Our Platinum Program is elegant in its simplicity. 

First, we know that some AC units can be challenging, especially if they haven’t been cared for properly in the past. If your air conditioner cannot be readily repaired by one of our talented and friendly HVAC technicians, we’ll just replace it for you! We also offer complete parts coverage. Should any part of your AC break or become inoperable, we’ll repair or replace it right away. With unlimited service calls, anytime your AC misbehaves, we’ll send a technician by to address the issue ASAP.

Our Platinum Program helps you breathe easy in more ways than one. It’s easy to focus on how well our AC functions, losing sight of the rest of your HVAC system in the process. Every two years, we’ll clean out your entire air duct system. This knocks away harmful dirt, dust, mildew, and debris that could be impacting your indoor air quality. To ensure that you’re keeping as much of these materials out of your AC as possible, we’ll install new standard filters in your unit during each visit. 

Finally, all our Platinum Program features an exclusive discount on all of our other services. Whether you need someone to inspect your plumbing, want someone to rewire your electric, or just remodel your home entirely, you can trust our team of talented technicians to take care of all of that for you. You’ll enjoy a five percent discount on all of our work. It’s our way of thanking you for being a Platinum member.

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